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The 4 Struggles of Going Zero Waste and How to Bust Them!

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  Let's reflect on the struggles of going Zero Waste:   "Having no choice" Everything that surrounds our lives are made of or packaged in plastic!   Convenience The plastic free option more often than not, requires preparation or planning. Getting refills? Gotta make sure I bring my containers! This is not always possible when I'm out and just realized I needed more (insert item). Trying to avoid buying water bottles? Better make sure I am carrying my big water bottle!   Price The eco friendly choices  cost  more! 'Nuff said It doesn't really matter or count. EVERYONE else buys...

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The Zero Waste Basics

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Back to basics:

What Does a Zero-Waste Lifestyle Mean?

People living a zero-waste lifestyle strive to use as little single-use plastic as possible, instead opting for sustainable and reusable alternatives. Those who get into the lifestyle work to steadily replace everything from food packaging to hygiene products to clothing with more sustainable, plastic-free alternatives. 

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